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About Me

Welcome To My Author Showcase

Hi. My name is Jennifer Jones. I am an Artist and writer. You can view some of my artwork on my blog, Here, are children's books, early learning ebooks, bedtime stories, fairy tales and audiobooks written and narrated by me.

I enjoy journaling and have created several journal pages printables and scrapbooking kits to get your started or to inspire you in your own journaling and scrapbooking endeavors.

I've included several free for commercial use printable digital downloads that you can use in your personal and commercial projects.

I've also written several self-growth focused ebooks. I think that staying positive is what helps to get you past negativity, chaos and challenges in life. It's important to have visual positive reinforcement and support around you and in your environment. And so you'll find a personal growth ebook, some motivational wall art, planners, stickers & journal pages.

My special collection is the Princess Jenny Ebooks Collection. Here is an introduction as to how the fairy tales of Princess Jenny and Prince Michael came about.

I have written fairy tales and other children’s stories under the pen name of one of my first characters in my favorite fairy tale that I wrote in 1997 as one of my first fairy tales -- “Princess Jenny and Prince Michael.”

I will let Princes Jenny tell you her story:

My name is Princess Jenny. I enjoy writing children's stories and fairy tales. The Princess Jenny's Collection of Fairy Tales and Stories are stories I’ve created, new and adapted fairy tales written by me.  

One day, while in my garden, I was transported into another realm of my Kingdom where I encountered some orphaned children living alone in a cottage. I stayed at the cottage for some time taking care of the children. The children did not know me as Princess Jenny. I often told the children songs, stories and fairy tales that I made up when I frequently took them on picnics.

Three of the fairy tales are about the adventures of Prince Michael. As you will read in one of the fairy tales, Prince Michael fell in love with Princess Jenny. I wrote the first story about Princess Jenny and Prince Michael. I then wrote about Prince Michael's adventures followed by all the other stories and fairy tales. I also taught the children and so there are several writings of their lessons. I enjoy art and journaling and was creative in making my own journals.

These ebooks are for toddlers and kids ages 1-14.


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Kids Ebooks and Personal Growth Ebook by Jennifer Jones

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